Candace C.

Amazing place that is very much needed in the community!

Kathleen S.

Such a low key accepting place where everyone is welcome. Youth drop in and Drag Storytime make everyone feel like they’re hanging out with old friends.

Lisa Z.

What a wonderful place where children and teens and families are loved and supported. The directors are genuinely caring, wonderful people. A gem in our backyard!

Jacki P

The directors or Colors + youth center have such a heart for making a difference in the lives of LGBTQ youth and their allies. Northeast Ohio needed a safe place for teens to be able to hang out, do activities and know they are cared about. So grateful this center is here and making a difference in many lives.

Jane V.

Great youth center. Helps so much

Lisa A.

Wonderful place where kids are understood and accepted. Very important.

Angela S.

incredible support for LGBTQ+ youth and their allies!

Kathy D.

My daughter loves it there

Counseling Testimonial:

302 days alcohol free … what started off as a diet became so much more and opened myself to things I was desperately trying to figure out. 

Drinking for me was never an addiction per say but more of a tool to escape my reality and when you are trying to achieve that daily it consumes you and you become addicted to an altered state. 

For me I chose alcohol to escape from my mental health healing I desperately needed! so many things I had experienced throughout my life and pain and suffering gone untreated. As you all know October of last year I began on a better “me” journey that I had no idea what I would really achieve. 

The best and most important part of this was getting the mental help I needed, I was always the person to say I was better than therapy … boy was I way wrong not only wrong but endured so much pain and suffering by not seeking help just to deal with daily life.

After my late partner passed away years ago I lost myself and thought I could weather the storm on my own… I tried everything but ultimately suppressing my emotions and anger and sadness was my path I chose. 

Through therapy I have achieved so much I have forgiven myself for my past and now actually praise myself and love myself more than ever before, I have healed from such traumatic loss in my life from both my parents to [my partner] and beyond. I learned that life doesn’t always have to be perfect and sometimes things don’t go as planned and that’s ok… it’s ok to not be in control of every aspect and boy have I ever learned that throughout all of this pandemic. 

I am far from perfect and still have some healing to go I’m still dealing with extreme anxiety but I’m learning to accept that and continue on a better path for myself sober, learning to be more vulnerable and allowing myself to keep faith in trust, that’s very hard for me! 

I am extremely thankful for [my partner] as well and what she has accomplished in this time too, we found each other at our lowest points of our lives and now have lifted ourselves up to our highest. I’m extremely thankful for her and her forgiveness of the nasty person I became when drinking… although sometimes fun I most found myself bitter and angry, alone or alone in my thoughts amongst friends. 

My journey is not done yet and I’m excited to see where it goes, thank you all for the support along the way and continued support moving forward! 

Please if you find yourself struggling more than not please seek help, reach out or just talk to someone about it, it literally changed my life and once I changed that everything else is falling right into place! Mental health is so important and without the tools I’ve learned to repair my damaged self I would not be the most awesome me I am today!